Camera Package A

1x RED ONE 1.8" SSD Module
1x RED ONE 128gb SSD Card
1x RED ONE CF Module
1x RED ONE Panavision Mount
1x RED ONE Nikon Mount
1x RED ONE AC Power Adaptor
1x RED 5.6" LCD with Hoodman 5.6" Monitor Hood
1x RED Cine Arm
1x RED Brick
1x RED Charger
1x Hard Case (Airplane Ready)
1x Soft Case
1x Cheeseplates (15mm and 19mm) with top handle
1x ElementS Video Breakout Box (BNC connectors for HD-SDI and genlock)
1x Drive cradle / hot swap v-mount
1x Top mount for v-mount Battery
1x Power Cradle (one v-mount)
1x Dovetail Plate
2x XLR Mini to Standard Audio Cables

Camera Package B

1x CANON 7D camera body
1x CANON 50mm f/1.4 lens
6x CF Cards (96gb total)
3x CANON Batteries
1x CANON Battery Charger
1x Pelican Case

Camera Support

1x MANFROTTO 509HD Video Head with 545GB Tripod Legs
1x MANFROTTO 503 Video Head with 520MVB Tripod Legs
1x REDROCK Micro Kit (complete)
1x REDROCK Micro Kit (handheld rigging only)


1x SMALLHD 502 monitor bundle

Grip & Electric

1x ARRI 1000w tungsten w/ barn doors, single/double scrims
1x ARRI 650w tungsten w/ barn doors, single/double scrims
1x ARRI 300w tungsten w/ barn doors, single/double scrims
1x ARRI 150w tungsten w/ barn doors, single/double scrims
3x ARRI Light Stands
1x ARRI Hard Case (Travel Ready)
1x Chimera, "medium" w/ frame
1x Chimera, "small" w/ frame


1x SEKONIC L-508 Zoom Master light meter
Assorted gels (rolls and cuts, dozens of hues/densities)


1x ZOOM H4n Portable Digital Recorder
1x SENNHEISER Wireless Lav Mic and Receiver
1x SANKEN COS-11DBP Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
1x SENNHEISER MKH-416 Boom Microphone
4x 25ft. XLR Cable
1x SONY MDR7506 Professional Headphone