Roommates Don and Ross meet at a cafe to argue about cleaning up after Tuesday Night Poker, losing limbs in broccoli picking accidents, and the artistic merit of clay ashtrays shaped like mutilated ponies, while outside an apocalyptic battle is waged right outside their window. Will they ever notice? Will we?


DirectorMathieu Young
Executive ProducersAlfred Rosenstein
  Joel Zwick
Stunt CoordinatorBuck McDancer
Special EffectsDavid Blitstein
Director of PhotographyAaron Proctor
SoundSean Phillips
MusicsZach Danziger
  Henry Hey
Costume DesignerJohn Q
Make-upJacklynn Carl
ScriptsMathieu Young
  D. J. Gugenheim
ProducerD. J. Gugenheim
EditorsD. J. Gugenheim
  Mathieu Young
Assistant Director, 2ndBrinton Bryan
Assistant Director, 1stChristopher S. Bryson
Assistant Director, 2nd 2ndJeff Saville
Property MasterMatthew C. Kime
StuntsJeffrey McDancer
GafferMichael Doherty
Assistant CameraEmeka Simmons
Production AssistantJulie Harry


ActorsKenan Thompson
  Josh Cooke
DualieAvital Ash
CitizenMatthew Beckett
DualieMelissa Bethune
  Holly Bonelli
CitizenBrian Crano
SCIEPatrick Ecclesine
CitizenJudd Fish
  Carlos Gonzalez
  Mila Gukaylo
Citizen / SCIEAustin Kemie
WaitressRachel Lawler
CitizenTaylor Anne Mountz
SCIEJordan Rouss
CitizenEliot Schwartz
Citizen / DualieJedrek Speer
CitizenErik Stone
  Delia Sweeney
  Louise Van der Bank



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