When a pocket-sized fitness gym in Gilbert, AZ is taken over by the international fitness conglomerate Shape Shifters, Inc., its staff of screwy employees and zany members must learn to cope with the daily struggles of "going corporate."

Pilot presentation of the show which began as a webseries.


DirectorAndy Lauer
Director of PhotographyAaron Proctor
WritersNakoa-Christopher Lee
  Julianna David
  Steve Bakken
Camera Assistant, 1stLeonard Walsh
Camera Assistant, 2ndLauren Haroutunian
Camera Operator, BW. Alex Reeves
Digital Imaging TechnicianJoe Hedge
GafferChuck Lewis
Key GripMatt Verschelde
Swing GripsRob Cline
  Ron Nelson


HandsDan Lauria
Allen AllenJoel Spence
Nate ParkerJames Kyson
Rick MaddoxSteve Bakken
Beth HansenJulianna David
Law WashingtonNakoa-Christopher Lee
Chloe RoseSuzanne Jolie Narbonne
November ClancyDaisy Faith
Curtis De La NalgasGuillermo Jorge
Felix JonesClifton Morris
Nelly ParkerTanisha Rachelle



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