The Heather Files


Paul, a young ad-agency professional, has written a tremendous piece of copy. His colleague, Gary, has appropriated it to further his romantic aspirations with office bombshell, Heather. Paul must navigate the office labyrinth of a smitten receptionist, gloating co-workers, and never-ending paperwork in order to come to terms with Gary. And somehow, he's got to recover from the fact that Manny Pacquiao lost his most recent fight...


DirectorPatrick Daniel
ProducerThomas Faustin Huisking
Director of PhotographyAaron Proctor
Camera AssistantLeonard Walsh
Production CompaniesThe Bird Collective
WriterCarr Cavender
Associate ProducersJohn Fairbairn
  Adam Finley
  Jonathan Grubb
  Faris Matthews
Original MusicsRod Gallegos
  Rob Haack
EditorRussell Lichter
Boom OperatorTaylor Gossett
Sound MixerTaylor Gossett
Assistant EditorPatrick Daniel


DonathonThomas Faustin Huisking
RoxyRoxanna Kaye
HeatherKristine May
NormanPatrick Daniel
PaulCarr Cavender
VeronicaSally Weller
SteveRon Michaud
ChrisEric Sorenesen
GaryBrad Harrison



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